Jay Hales

Student developer


My name is Jay Hales and I'm a student web, game and just about everything else developer. I started writing code when I was 10 and haven't stopped since.

I'm also interested in music theory, composition and playing instruments. Cooking and running wrap up the remainder of my favorite hobbies.


I frequently work with JavaScript and TypeScript with Node and React, as well as this, C# with either .NET or Mono is also a go to stack for me. I work with Linux as well as Windows often so I know my way around a variety of different systems.

I also have skills in Unity and Monogame for making games, React Native for apps and HTML and CSS for static sites.



I've build a huge number of games over my lifetime, here are a couple of awesome ones.

The Adventures of Anaxiland

A top down, open world, multiplayer infinitely generating world allows you to explore multiple biomes and build houses with friends.

Node.js / JSUnity / C#

Big Alchemy

A huge chemistry simulator, combine elements in a physics based lab to accurately react elements to form new compounds. Sell complex compounds to make money.

Node.js / TSUnity / C#

Classic Heros

Pick a hero and battle friends in a classic turn based battle. Use attacks and abilities to defeat your opponents. Matchmaking and network reestablishment played a big part in this project.

Node.js / TSReact / TS


Both personal and business client have made use of my websites developing skills. Here's a rundown on some of my best work.

Orton Wistow Under Fives

The website for a local nursery. Contains a CMS for the client to update content with requiring any technical knowledge.

Apache / PHPStatic JS


A homepage and online shop for a bespoke 3D printing service. Full end-to-end e-commerce solution which allows users to put in requests for items and admins to respond with prices.

Apache / PHPStatic JS


A personal social media plan: take friends to a virtual court and allow others to vote on cases. This project had an entire user building and editing system, time based events and was my first introduction to jQuery.

Apache / PHPjQuery


I have dabbled in Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects over the years but my current project is by far the most ambitious...

Custom Built CPU

A passion project disguised as a school project, I am designing and building my own CPU.


I build my apps in React Native and normally publish to the web as well.

Crisis View

In a world where everything seems to be going wrong staying up to date on crises across the world is important. Giving to those in need is even more important. This app gives a simple and rapidly updating feed to the state of the world as well as links to the charities which need you most.
Node.jsReact Native

Education and qualifications


English Language9
English Literature9
Computer Science9
Business StudiesDi


SubjectPredicted Grade
Further MathematicsA

Cyber Discovery

A course provided by GCHQ and the SANS Institute. A series of hacking and programming challenges got me invested in cybersecurity.

SANS Foundations

I completed a 6 month course provided by the SANS Institute which provided me with the Sans Foundation qualification. A proctored online exam finalized this course.


Send me an email on me@jayhal.es or find me on Discord at Halesy#0581.